Boost HRD Application

All HRD-processes are tightly integrated to each other. Personal development plans are derived from performance appraisals which link to skills and competences - competences are hence enhanced by training and other measures. This in succession affects the work performance.

BOOST integrates all these measures into one - visually as well as funtionally.

All your data will always be up-to-date available wherever and whenever. Ready and complete reports on all aspects are one click away according to time or content. You know who is enrolled or has completed which training, whos performance appraisals are finished or how a person is accomplishing his/her personal goals. And lots more!

Any software should be so easy to use, that no one has to call the helpdesk, read manuals or attend specific software training. We believe that we have succeeded in this - since all our 20 000 active users have never undergone any training. We can honestly say that we do not get calls from users asking us how it works.

BOOST consists of five tightly integrated modules:

  • Trainings
  • Performance appraisals
  • Comptences
  • Personal goal management
  • Personal data management (CV)

You can choose all modules or make your own choice. Modules can also be taken into use at a later stage.

Tehty Suomessa Design From Finland


Training related tasks require a lot of manual work in the form of enrollments, cancellations, feedback queries and reporting if managed via Outlook and Excel.

BOOST provides your organisation with an efficient tool that automates these labourous tasks - and lets you concentrate on the content itself. Our application handles the internal as well as the external training process.

Just publish your trainings and let people enroll. Get automatic reports on costs, training days, training needs and feedback - instantly!

Development Discussions

BOOST provides you with a digital tool for the management of the development discussions. You can build your own form and its questions at will and open it to a any target group in your organisation. The process can be monitored on-line on who has or hasnt completed their discussion. Forms are electronically signed off, which avoids unnecessary print-outs and waste.

All forms are stored and can be retrieved by their owners and managers at any time. Your HR department is able to get anonymous summaries of any questions by one click for further analysis.

There is no longer need for storing papers in files and folders.

Knowledge Management

Do we have the necessary skills inhouse or what skills are of strategic importance in the future?! An organisations competitiveness depends on the individual and collective skills of its personnel. Following and mapping essential skills without a proper tool can be laborious.

In BOOST you can decide yourself what essential skills you want to follow and develop for your personnel. There is no upper limit on the number of different skills. Skills can be evaluated on any scale you choose from 1-10. Managers and employees evaluate the skill level in relation to the determined target level.

Set reports tell you comprehensively of any gaps in skills, who masters what and what actions should be taken in order to enhance an individuals skills.


The consistent and regular follow-up on personal goals is in many cases a real challenge in many organisations. Personal goals are set differently across various parts of the company and they are not followed up upon regularly. The management has a hard time ensuring that individual goals are set in acordance with the overall strategy. Moreover, many times these related bonuses and other benefits.

In BOOST each manager can set personal goals for individuals including; the goal, deadlines and measurements. Goals can be commented and the parties can set milestones during the completion of the goal.

Goals are categorised and the top management can get a complete overview on the overall performance of personal goals visually by manager and individual.

Personal Information Management (CV)

A complete CV can be built for each person in the BOOST application. The CV can contain a comprehensive work and education history as well as all other relevant information needed for HR and supervisors.

In addition, any amount of attachments can be added to the person, i.e. employment contract, diplomas, etc.

Employees and their supervisors can access their own data, but cannot modify restricted information for the benefit of transparency.