Customer Stories

Personnel manager - Tina

We used to manage our HR-processes in different ways. Some were in Excel, Access databases, intranet apps and lots of others. Our way of managing the HRD was in short a lot of unnecessary work. About a year ago we decided that it was time to do something about it, since we simply couldnt cope with the load. The only concern we had was to step into a wast project on top of the normal work!

We started out by mapping all available options and after careful evaluation we decided for a partnership with Concretio. Their BOOST application is so easy to take into use that everything was up and running within a week. One concern at this point was naturally how our personnel would react to yet another application? Our concern was futile, since the people adopted quickly to BOOST due to its logic and ease of use.

A year later - we can look back at all the extra routine work we used to handle that has now been automated by BOOST. Now we document all strategic goals in BOOST and develop skills programs according to those goals. All time spent in trainings goes into developing the contents on the basis of the training programme instead of administrative tasks. BOOST handles everything from enrollment to feedback queries.

Development discussions are conducted twice a year - one for development and one for performance. HR is always up-to-date on the progress in realtime. We also get comprehensive anonymous reports to further develop HRD. The modular nature of BOOST gave us the opportunity to take modules into use one step at the time. We are currently implementing goal management and skills mapping.

In my view, the best thing about BOOST are the automatic reports. We have an online training register for the first time for ISO auditors and tax deductions. In addition, we get constant feedback from our users by which we can develop our own work.

BOOST has given us an opportunity to do exactly what is expected of us - to provide content instead of routine management...

Financial Manager - Markku

At the end of the day, all decisions boil down to money and that is where we get in. IT investments take up a big share of the costs. It was a big surprise to see how competitive BOOST is pricewise. We have also learned that precision process tools go way beyond in terms of productivity.

The cost for BOOST is compensated in Finland just via the tax deductions report it provides. Everything else is a bonus on top of that. We simulated in Excel how much time our personnel consumes in routine HR tasks like - enrollments, cancellations, feedback, performance discussions, reporting and other tasks. We came to the conclusion, that the savings are far greater than the cost for the application.

BOOST is also great in the sense that it is virtually risk-free to take into use. We were a bit hesitant in the beginning, since the outcome is always risky. Concretio also stands behind their app - by promising its functionality with a money back guarantee. Its a win-win for all from a financial point of view.

IT-päällikkö - Teemu

Our personnel manager contacted me and asked me to participate in a meeting with Concretio. My role in the meeting was to evaluate the technical specifications and the cybersecurity of their application - BOOST. My first thought was that I was going to be pulled into yet another lenghty project. To my relief we were only asked to voice our opinion of the tecnical aspects. We quickly evaluated that everything was to our satisfaction and the cloud takes care of the rest.

All data is hosted in a secure environment in Finland. We contacted other customers to ensure us of their experiences. They concurred that the service levels were very good.

Single-sign-on possibilities and data integrations were also evaluated if and when the need arises for these. For our part the whole process took a few more meetings and BOOST was up and running. For the past year our services have not been needed even for helpdesk services.

The flexibility of BOOST is great, since the customer can take into use whatever modules at its own pace. We gradually extended different modules in order not to overload the personnel.

I imagine the managers appreciate especially the email feature, which alerts them of all pending matters.

Unit manager - Mari

I manage a profit unit and a great deal of my time goes into developing my staff and making sure that their motivation is good. Earlier we had all sorts of systems and practises for HR. Sometimes it felt very confusing where to save what information and when. When we were informed that all these practises were going to be replaced via a new application called BOOST - we were a bit sceptic about it all. "Yet another new app with compulsory training for it!", was the sentiment. It was a small surprise that no training was arranged and it was to be taken into use immediately.

We went through the performance evaluations right away and the process turned out to be painless. The staff was genuinely surprised by the ease of use, especially when there are long pauses in between in using the app. Now all tasks are done electronically which has made emails and Excel sheets redundant.

My personal favorite is the automated email service. Approvals and other actions are taken care of within seconds. It has been a small life saver compared to what things used to be.



DNA has been using BOOST since 2008 and has managed all trainings, performance discussions, skills and goals via the BOOST application. "Our cooperation with Concretio Oy has been flexible and direct - we have participated actively in the development work for our mutual benefit. Concretios service attitude has provided us with responsive service and a flexible partnership. We have always received help when needed" - says Ulla Koivisto, Personnel development manager.

Finnish ministry of agriculture and forestry

"Concretios application for performance discussions is the first system in my career, for which no training nor cumbersome instructions were needed. The application is very user friendly and dependable. I have also been very happy with the customer service. The service is always friendly and questions are answered immediately." - says, Minna Laatikainen, Personnel specialist.