BOOST - the digital tool for HRD productivity


Cuts tidious manual labour - for everyone


The most versatile tool on the market


Easy to use - no user training required

Digital tools can enable huge leaps in work productivity - rightly applied. BOOST offers your organisation to take a leap in HRD productivity by cutting tiresome manual work.

We have been constantly working for ten years in creating and finetuning our HRD-software. We have managed to create a comprehensive software that it so easy to use that no user training is needed, without compromising features.

A good software is measured by the willingness of its users to use it.

Our customers are living proof that we have clearly done it right!

HRD-process savings potential

Try yourself how much your organisation could benefit from BOOST:

Trainings to date

150 000

Active users

20 000

Saved hours by our customers / year

25 000

Performance appraisals to date

38 000

Our Customer Stories

Personnel Manager Tina

"..We used to manage our HRD functions via our payroll software mostly manually. Our staff forgot to update their training register and competences werent followed at all. Performance evaluations were done in Word, which made follow-up nonexistent.

Having evaluated numerous systems, we decided for BOOST. This has helped us to concentrate all HRD functions into on place. In addition, our workload has decreased significantly and we are now on top of the ball when it comes to reporting.

Todays applications have made a world of difference in terms of ease of use.."